The Spiderman 3: VenomOoze case was a suggestion from an old roommate of mine. I started working on it well before the movie came out, and submitted it to MaximumPC's Rig of the Month. The VenomOoze case won Rig of the Month for September 2007.

The base of the VenomOoze case was an ULTRA Grid case. The case was sanded, painted, and covered with no less than eight coats of clearcoat. The "3" behind the front fan, as well as the spider on the side were crafted from 18-guage sheet metal, and cut out with a rotary tool. There are 5x 13,000MCD LED lights behind the spider to light it up, along with a red Lazer LED behind the front fan.

The VenomOoze case took approximately 50 hours to finish, and used four cans of clearcoat, and two cans of red and black paint. More pictures of the VenomOoze case can be found over in the VenomOoze Gallery.

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