The Phantasmic case mod was based off of the classic Broadway play: Phantom of the Opera. Like the VenomOoze case, Phantasmic started off with a simple black ULTRA Grid chassis. It has yet to be submitted to any contests.

The mesh grille was replaced with 18-guage sheet metal and coated with a textured graphite-colored paint. The Phantom's rose was cut out of the front, and "Phantom" was engraved in plexiglas at the top. Both are backlit by superbright LEDs. The window side was broken and etched with sheet music. Wavy piano keys were cut out of the motherboard side panel, and backlit painted plexiglas was inserted. Finally, a set of electronic candles were mounted to the roof, and wax was melted on them to give the illusion of flickering candles. The case has been collecting dust for a year so far, which adds to the effect.

The Phantasmic case took 60+ hours to finish, spanning three months time. More pictures of the Phantasmic case can be found in the Phantasmic Gallery.

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