The Hulk:

The Hulk

The Hulk was a small project to test how fiberglass and plexiglas etching could be done. The original chasses was an old Gateway server, and was eventually thrown away since there were no compatible modern parts.

The original chassis was cut for a window panel on both sides. It was painted a fluorescent green on the outside, and the entire inside of the chassis was painted a dark purple. "HULK" was traced on steel and cut out for the fan grille. Green and UV cathodes were placed in the case to light up the interior. A large picture of the Hulk was printed out and traced onto plexiglas using a Dremel tool.

The Hulk case took approximately 20 hours of work. Five cans of clearcoat, three cans of green fluorescent paint, and 3 cans of purple paint were used on the case. More pictures of the Phantasmic case can be found in the Hulk Gallery.

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