The GerbilPC was the first Case Mod I ever developed. I had seen many case mods online, and originally intended to pick up a fish tank as the main case. When I walked into the local Salvation Army, this Crittertrail Gerbil cage was sitting on a table all alone with a $6 price tag on it. My good friend Michael Lynch and I immediately saw the potential in the case, especially the spot in the lid for the power supply, and the perfect proportions in the floor to accomodate a full-sized ATX board. The GerbilPC has 4x 80mm UV case fans, as well as 2x UV cold cathode lights and a blue cathode.

The Hard Drive light on the GerbilPC is from a circular light in a Halloween Horror Nights glass. The blue bulb on the front of the cage is the power button. The center cage construction that holds the DVD-ROM drive was made from a bird cage.

The GerbilPC took a total of 40 hours to make. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken during the construction of it. I have the picture above, as well as other pictures listed in the GerbilPC gallery.