About Me:


Robert Jason Dumbaugh was born in West Palm Beach, Florida. He was accepted into the Computer Magnet Program at John I. Leonard High School where he developed his love for computer technology.

During his Sophomore year of college, Jason built his first custom computer and began to dabble in game console modification. After getting the building bug, Jason wanted to create a unique, one of a kind computer case. After hours of research, he decided to build a computer in a fish tank. Although a lack of resources altered his vision, a CritterTrail Gerbil Cage was later chosen as his poison. Six dollars and 40 hours later, the GerbilPC was born.

The GerbilPC was submitted to TechPowerUp.com, causing pictures to flood the internet. In 2007, Jason quickly received and accepted a job offer from hardware review site TechwareLabs.com as PR Manager. Shortly after being hired, Jason created his second masterpiece, the Spiderman 3: VenomOoze case. A submission of the VenomOoze case to TechPowerUp created additional media buzz. The Spiderman 3: VenomOoze case won Maximum PC's "Rig of the Month" for September 2007. At the same time, the GerbilPC received an award as PCMag's "Second Craziest Case Mod of All Time."

A recent recipient of a Masters of Science degree in Electrical Engineering, Jason is currently a Systems Engineer for the JSF program at Lockheed Martin.


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