MAME Machine:

MAME arcade cabinet

Video Games have been a part of my life since my parents bought me my first Commodore 64 when I was three years old. I've always wanted my own arcade machine, and with the invention of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME), this dream has become a reality.

The initial build cost over $100 in cabinet grade birch plywood, and took a mere four days (during daylight) for the initial cutting / building portion. The machine also includes 3" casters, which allow the 150lb+ machine to be rolled about with ease. 200W computer speakers with subwoofer, a lit marquee, and a custom control panel complete the machine. Total cost ~$500.

Many thanks go into the process of this machine. My father lent much of his time and tools to make the cabinet happen, my girlfriend's mother designed and helped to paint the side art, and my girlfriend helped to paint and provide support throughout the build.

For pictures documenting the complete build, visit the MAME Machine gallery.